Custom Icons only showing on Android

I have searched and searched and found many post about people having icon issues. Most are my reverse and from when Android or ios didnt support svg. I have my icons saved as svg’s in my conf/icons/classic folder. At first I thought they werent working at all but last night and today I noticed I can see them in the android app so I’ve got them setup right. When I first changed from the default icons to my two personal ones for users and refreshed my browser/basicui one showed and the other didnt. Now on every attempt they are both missing but only when I check it on a PC through firefox as I said the android apps loading them both every time. I did also verfy that in PaperUI I have set BasicUI to use vector images for icons. Im really scratching my head hear any hints would be great thanks everyone!

Try doing <ctrl><shift>-reload to clear the cache and refresh the page. If that doesn’t work I’ll be of no more help.

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Thank you that worked perfectly!