Custom icons showing in BasicUI but not in openHAB android app


This is how I defined my item:

Number Tex_Window_W16_EV_MasterBedroom_Rechts				"Raam Slaapkamer K&D rechts [MAP(]" 											<raam> 				(gAlarm, gEV_MasterBedroom, gRamen, gAircocontact)

This is what I have mentioned in my sitemap:

Text item=Tex_Window_W16_EV_MasterBedroom_Rechts

My files are in the folder conf\icons\classic:

When I check BasicUI via my Chromebrowser (even my Chrome browser on my Android), it works fine:

When checking the same sitemap using the Android app, I get:

So I don’t think it is related to .items or .sitemap configuration. Maybe it is a bug in the Android app?

Did you try deleting the picture cache through options menu?

It is due to the MAP you are using and a bug I fixed few months ago.
What version of OH are you rumning?
The bug is inside official OH 2.0.

Hi Lolodomo,

Thanks for fixing the bug!

I have OpenHAB 2.1 (snapshot - #838 (from mid March)).
My Android app is (the most recent version).

In which release is this bug fixed?

@sihui: clearing the cache did not help…

The fix was available in the snapshots built after the 20th of March.

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Ok, thanks!

I’ll upgrade somewhere next week. I’ll let you know if that fixed the issue.

I upgraded to snapshot #946 today and I can confirm my icons are working correct. Thanks!

How did you get to display the time at the end of the text

I update the label using a rule:

	Item myitem received update
	var label = myitem.label.toString.split("   ")
	myitem.label = label.get(0) + " " + " " + " (" + myitem.lastUpdate.toDateTime.toString("dd-MM-yy HH:mm") + ")"

Related topics:
Using .rules-variable as item label
Adding timestamp in my label

Good luck!



I was used to updating an item with time but never a label. Never realized that was possible. tnx

Dries, should that be val label or var label?.
Your linked post uses “val”

I checked my code, I use “var”. But honestly, I forgot why. :slight_smile:

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I got neither working yet, but seems you have been struggling a lot as well to get it right. I will just try a bit more. Thanks for showing this possibility :wink:

Hi Kees,

We are a bit getting off-topic here, so I suggest we continue in this thread if you have follow up questions.

Here is another code snippet from my side (that works):

postUpdate(GiraDCS_History_00, "Zijdeur - " + GiraDCS_Zijdeur.lastUpdate.toDateTime.toString("dd-MM-yy HH:mm"))
GiraDCS_History_00.label = GiraDCS_History_00.state.toString

Try something simple if that doesn’t work, such as:

myitem.label = "Blablabla"

Also, what OH version do you have? The label-update seems to be something rather new (I think OH 2.1 or above).

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Hello there,

Day 5 of using OpenHab 2 and finally got a sitemap and weather and Astro things working. I have added some .svg custom Icons to the /openhab2/icons/classic folder nd they are appearing on my UI on PC. However in the Android app they do not appear, while the other “buit-in” icons all display. I searched and found this thread from over a year ago reporting the same issues. Was the Android app interface app never udated? Or do I have to change then from .svg to .png and activate their use in the settings of Paper UI?

Thanx and regrds

Hi Chris,

It worked for me by changing the icons to .png.



You can change the icon format in the android app settings to SVG.

Perfect thank you! I did not think to check the app settings as the standard icons were appearing. Selecting svg income in the app fixed the issue.

I found this threat after having similar issues.
But I solved it with saving for each icon a svg and a png version (identical filename)
Is working perfectly.