Custom IFTTT Openhab service?

So with the service having issues, I set up my own instance thinking that will solve all my problems, but that then creates a whole new world of issues because the OpenHAB IFTTT plugin does not support a personal cloud instance. It seems like it’s doable but it’s not a pleasant solution.

I understand that there is an issue with MongoDB on the cloud server and that is being investigated but would it not also be a good option to re-author the IFTTT addon to enable a custom cloud server? I would have thought that this would be a somewhat simple solution (No?). It could also reduce the overall burden on the cloud server as i’m sure a lot of people would prefer a solution that they have complete control over (including their data/access).

Happy to get involved in the solution if i can.

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Here’s how @wsd33904 accomplished it. You may have read this already.

Can the main openHAB add-on be set up to work with any cloud instance? I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I’m not an expert.

Yes, I have seen that which is what I meant when I said it was ‘Not a pleasant solution’ - At least no where near the ease of setup/elegance of connecting to the normal openhab cloud service.

In the add-on, it’s just a matter of changing the URL but from the IFTTT side of things, you need to go through all that!

I guess if that’s the only option then so-be-it but that is a lot of messing around! Just seemed like it should be simpler. It also means that any integrations I already have, need to be re-created which is painful.

It’s never going to be that simple because most of the complex stuff in that post is setting up and establishing the trust relationship between your openHAB Cloud Instance and IFTTT. There is no way to skip those steps. They are hard and have manual steps by design. Those manual steps are part of what confirm your identity to IFTTT and IFTTT confirms their identity to your Cloud Server.

That’s why supports this in the first place. All that security key exchange stuff was done by Dan and we all get to use that. If you want to run your own, you have to establish the trust relationship with IFTTT yourself.

NOTE: the same is true with Alexa and Google Assistant using your own custom openHAB Cloud instance.

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Cant you just allow to select a personal openhab cloud server during OAuth? And then myopenhab will act as a proxy between IFTTT and personal openhab cloud server?

You can set up your own instance of the openHAB Cloud server, but then you will be using only that and not Russ’s post a few above this on has a link to a tutorial to achieve that.