Custom Widget: 4 way blind/dimmer

Here is my take on configurable 4 way dimmer/slider replacement. It is a bit easier to operate from a distance since the slider widget, has no options to make the UI bigger. You can customise in options labels and values, so you can use it both for dimmer light and roller-shutters.

blind-control-4way.widget (1).json (4.3 KB)


This looks good. Is there anyway to get get this in a template, so i could try and change the sizing and number of rows? I would like to have preset zone vols for audio, but there are 6 zones, so need it tighter. Thanks

Just download a json file on the first post. you can play with it. I made a 8 way thermostat on the same base so if you want 6 buttons just use margin values in between.

I see. Thank you, will give it a go.

Looks good!
Can i ask you how you managed to get you clok and temperatur on the top of you screen and get rid of the left side menu?