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I am a newbie regarding openHab. I took me days to understand the principles of this amazing Platform. Although I finally succeeded in integrating my Philips Hue (Zigbee), Tahoma (Somfy), WebCam (Onvif) and Fibaro (Z-Wave) stuff in a first very simple sitemap, I am still not confortable with the advanced topics. But I am really exited and eager to learn as I have seen plenty of great HabPanel screenshots here and try now to do something similar for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

I was however missing a “button” asking me to confirm if I really want to Switch OFF my devices, such as my Synology (running openHab :D). Looking at samples found in this community, I assembled and fine-tuned the code here attached. Confirm Switch.widget.json (5.6 KB)

I have learned a lot by reading examples, but I would really appreciate if an expert could review my Custom Widget and advice to make it more robust and compliant with the state-of-the-art…

My Custom Widget mimics a Switch. It must be configured with a “Name” and an “Icon” to be displayed on the Widget, and obviously with the item to be controlled. Next, one must configure if turning ON and/or OFF the item required a ‘confirmation’. If a ‘confirmation’ is required, then my Custom Widget will display a message like “Click if you really want to turn OFF/ON ‘the item’”.

Also, if a confirmation is required to change the current state of the item, then I display a Shield in the background of the Widget.


The icon used in the confirmation model popup can also be configured in the Custom Widget settings.


That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.I have some switches which accidentally switch off the wine fridge :weary: This will be help!


If you want to use the built-in Name setting, replace all config.title occurences by and then you can get rid of your title parameter :wink:

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Thx a lot Yannick. This is exactly something I was looking for!