Custom Widget : Fibaro Wall Plug

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I am trying to create a custom Widget (for the HABPanel) to control my Fibaro Wall Plugs (FGWP-102).
I have a beta version working fine on my OpenHAB (setup on a Synology).

So far, it can be used to turn on/off the Wall Plug (with or without a confirmation prompt), display it’s immediate and total consumption, reset its total consumption, display or change its LED ring color)


I would be glad to find some guinea pigs to test the functionalities (possibly with other models) :smiley:

I have drafted a documentation here

  • The JSON to be imported is here
  • And you have to copy this folder and its content (some images and an angularjs controller) under /conf/html/

I am not a great web designer and tested my Widget only in Chrome so far (on my PC). The responsiveness is terrible and worst, the styles are not exported into a css but mixed within the code. But it took me already a lot of time to learn about angular… So polishing layout will be for later :blush::


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