Custom Widget: Map - Not working

Hello Yannick.
I’ve tried to install on my OH3 (3.20), your custom widget, following the instructions exactly as you wrote it
using an SSH session. So I’ve verified the availability of git and then I’ve type

$ cd /etc/openhab/html
$ git clone GitHub - ghys/habpanel-map-widget: Map widget for HABPanel and also
$ git pull

Everything seemed to have gone well but once on OH → Developers Tools → Widget nothing appear at all.
Where did I go wrong? Could you pls help me? It would be very appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance.


It would seem you are confusing HABPanel and MainUI. HABPanel is a wholly separate UI. HABPanel widgets are not compatible with MainUI Widgets and therefore you would not see them listed under MainIUI → Developer Tools → Widgets. HABPanel doesn’t have a “Developer Tools” menus to navigate to.

You should see your cloned widget in HABPanel though. But I’m not sure where to tell you to look, I never really used HABPanel much before.

Hi Rich. Thank you for your advice. I’ve finally found the HABPanel and also the custom widget. Sorry for disturbing…