Custom Widget: MAX! eQ-3 radiators

This is a first approach to have all items available in a MAX! binding:

  • Temperature set point.
  • Temperature measured.
  • Operation mode.
  • Battery status.
  • Valve aperture.

This is how it looks like:

And this is an example of layout with several radiators in my setup:

Please remember that you must have your items configured to be able to use them in the widget.

Feel free to make changes and improve it!

Max-eq3-radiator.widget.json (3.8 KB)


thanks, is working great

Good to know, thanks for the comment!

Hey thank you. Its a beautiful Widget.


Very good widget. I use MAX! eQ-3 Thermostats.
But i get problem with current temperature
Please tell me, how can i fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @thisisIO:

Thanks a lot for your kind words.

If everything is working but that, have you checked spelling of your item in the config?

If spelling is correct, could you please copy and send me the code of the widget to make sure that everything is fine?

Regards and happy new year!

I have found it out!
I need to make a items without C symbol, only digits -> so it works great.

By the way. Thermostate have also Lock state. It can be also implemented in this witget)

Hi @JPL,

thank you for the widget. Looks nice :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you post your item definitions? Some of mine (for example battery) doesnt seem to work with the widget.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Simsal:

I just followed the instructions of the binding you have in the instructions. Have you tried them? Thy are very self-explanatory.

I do not have access to my config now. In case you need it, tell me and I will send you a pm with some examples once I can access.



Hi want to use this radiator widget for my fritzbox radiators. But the binding of the Fritzbox radiators have mor informations Fritzbox Binding

I think i have this information more:

  • Device is locked for switching manually (OPEN/CLOSE)
  • Accumulated energy
  • battery Level ( not only the battery Status)

Its useful to add this function in the Widget?
I have no practise in html. I have chance the modes its easy. But i cant use a normal Button with a left Position under the other functions to change the lock of the radiator. :frowning:

 <button class="btn" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; padding: 0; background: inherit; outline: none"
  ng-click="sendCmd(config.device_locked, 'OPEN') == 'OPEN' ? 'CLOSE' : 'OPEN')">
  	<widget-icon iconset="'smarthome-set'" icon="'key'" size="32" state="itemValue('Contactor')" />
  <span style="color: {{itemValue(config.device_locked)=='OPEN' ? 'white' : '#7B879C'}}">

I dont know if the send command correctly or how i can set the position of the button to an other position as middle.
I get no log line if i push the Button. So i think its wrong? :frowning:

But I got an issue with the battery level. in the widget all batterys are shown as “Replace battery” though in ClassicUI and on the device itself the battery level is ok.

Any idea?

found it, I had a [MAP…] statement in my item. Now I added an item without MAP and it works fine.

It would be cool to have a widget that combines a wall thermostat with multiple thermostats :slight_smile:

Hi, @mbuchberger1967:


Regarding your idea, I do not know what you have in mind or what for you would use something like that…


I face the same problem, but don´t understand the solution suggested.
Where do I have to change what? :woozy_face:


Hi, @Achim:

What same problem exactly?


Oh, I´m sorry, I wanted to reply to “thisisIO / Michael” question and answer from January 1st 2019.

All works fine (e.g. setting temperature, switching modes etc.) except printing the actual temperature. The widget doesn´t show any readings but part of the code:
{{’%.1f’ | sprintf:itemValue(config.max_temp_actual)}}

“thisisIO / Michael” replied to his answer, that he found a solution:
“I need to make a items without C symbol, only digits -> so it works great.”

I don´t understand what he actually changed in his code or item he created.


Hi, @Achim:

No worries, it’s fine. As he solved it, I am afraid there was no further explanation. He was probably putting some “C” in the item to indicate “celsius degrees” and he had to remove it because the “%.1f” means the value should be printed as float (meaning with decimals) and with only one decimal.

If you need further help, just send details: item definition, coding, ect. Maybe I (or anybody else) could help.

Kind regards.

All right.
Your code is unchanged, downloaded via Habpanel.

The item, a MAX! thermostat knob, comes through Homegear–>Homematic --> Openhab, because I burned a cul-firmware to my MAX-Cube - it suffered the well known amnesia with the original firmware from time to time, sometimes from one day to the next actually…

I don´t have experience with item definitions via CLI, so PaperUI´s values is all I can deliver at the moment:


As mentioned above, all other actions work well, e.g. setting temperature. PaperUI here gives:

There may be issues with binding method through Homegear/Homematic, but if so I would expect problems with other actions, too. :thinking:

Your help is very much appreciated and I like your widget very much!



i have one of the same problems

The widget doesn´t show any readings but part of the code:
{{’%.1f’ | sprintf:itemValue(config.max_temp_actual)}}


This is one of my items

Switch ElliotmaxBattery              "Battery lav"                          (gMAX) {channel="max:thermostatplus:LEQ0428648:MEQ1284570:battery_low"}
String ElliotmaxMode                 "Termostat Mode"                       (gMAX) {channel="max:thermostatplus:LEQ0428648:MEQ1284570:mode"}
Number:Temperature ElliotmaxActual   "Aktuel rum temperatur [%.1f]"         (gMAX, gTemperatur) [ "CurrentTemperature" ] {channel="max:thermostatplus:LEQ0428648:MEQ1284570:actual_temp"}
Number:Temperature ElliotmaxSetTemp  "Termostat indstilling [%.1f]"         (gMAX) {channel="max:thermostatplus:LEQ0428648:MEQ1284570:set_temp"}
Number Elliotvalve                   "Dutycycle [%d %%]"                    (gMAX) {channel="max:thermostatplus:LEQ0428648:MEQ1284570:valve"}

Thanks Mads