Custom Widget: no Value is displayed

Hey there,

Just playing around with my First widget.

For now, no Value is displayed for my id1.

Could someone have a look on it?
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"template": “\n .badge1 {\n background-color: black;\n background-size: cover;\n border: .1em solid var(–ha-label-badge-color,var(–default-primary-color));\n border-radius: 50%;\n color: #4c4c4c;\n display: block;\n font-size: var(–ha-label-badge-font-size,1.5em);\n height:50px;\n line-height: var(–ha-label-badge-size,2.5em);\n margin: 0 auto;\n position: relative;\n text-align: center;\n transition: border 0.3s ease-in-out 0s;\n white-space: nowrap;\n width: 50px;\n}\n\n<div class=“badge1”>: {{itemvalue(config.id1)}}”

found it my own:

itemvalue must be itemValue and the everything is fine :slight_smile: