Custom Widget: Russound Controller


The panel requires the channels to be named in a very specific manner. Look at the readme for details on the naming. Once you have everything named properly - all you do is specify the zone name channel in the habpanel setup for the widget and it should link everything up for you.

BTW - I’ve not tried this with xZones (all I have are my MCAs) so I don’t know if they support everything that is required for the panel. But give it a try and see what happens…

Great widget and app. Saved my hours and hours. thanks so much for sharing. Good instructions too. that makes such a difference for those that aren’t experts.

I got the last month more and more issues with frozen keypads or controller - I was reading that some people prefer to use RS232 instead of IP connection, somebody can confirm that? And how is it possible to use the RS232 with the C5? I don´t see any switches to setup the binding via RS232

Somebody using the Widget for Openhab3 as well? Not sure why it´s not working but I think I followed everything according to Tims instructions