Custom Widget Slider Binding

Hi I try to deal with a custom widget for innogy termostates. So far everything works, but I didn’t get the binding on a widget-slider working. I tried a log but the slider doesn’t bound to the underlaying value.

<div class="slider-div" ng-init='sliderModel={
                         name: "Ziel Temperatur",
            	         floor : 6,
                         ceil: 30,
                         step: 0.5,                            
                         horizontal: "true",
            		     unit: "°C",
            			 display: none
 <widget-slider width="100%" ng-model="sliderModel" value="{{itemValue(config.desired_temperature)}}" item="{{itemValue(config.desired_temperature)}}" />

I have tried to bind it inside the model as well, nothing worked so far. Can anybody help me what I am doing wrong?
The setting which I want to bind is named desired_temperature.

Got it working. Use item: config.desired_temperature inside the bg-init.

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