CustomUI vs ClassicUI - OH Designer?

I have OH running on a pi2 talking to my AlarmDecoder.

I find the ClassicUI usable but I would like to have a few pages that were more flashy for my wife…

For example a layout of my house with the various sensors placed where the are and eventually temp sensors in each room with that showing as well.

And why not show the outside temps in the yard…

So a little more graphical…

It may be a matter of some webpages pulling data from OH…

Anyone doing anything like this?


OpenRemote may be something approaching what you are looking for.

My co-worker has been using OpenRemote and feels that he hit limitations quite often.

I am not opposed to having to design the web page myself and maybe after doing that and learning a lot about bindings and transforms there may be a simpler solution. (Maybe “a lot” should be in all CAPS :slight_smile: )


OH has a REST API so you shouldn’t have to worry about bindings for a UI.

I’m probably not the best person to offer to much advice on a UI. I’m off the opinion that any HA that requires you use the sitemap or some other screen interface it is an HA failure. I work extra hard to avoid needing a UI for anything more than debugging.