Cyrus vs. Fibaro Door/Window sensor

Hi all,

in my setup I have two kinds of door/windows sensors.

  1. Cyrus 10076 (recognized as manufacturer “Neo Shenzen Electronics”)
  2. Fibaro FGK-10x ZW5 v3.2

Cyrus and Fibaro items are configured as “Contacts” via PaperUI.

I used a code from the community to create a widget which shows me the current opened windows/doors.

{{(itemsInGroup('gr_Door_Window_all') | filter:{state:'OPEN'}).length}}

Nevertheless the cyrus sensor returns status “ON” - the Fibaro sensor returns status “OPEN”.
So basically I want to filter for both values - but need some help with the syntax

I’m not sure what the device is you have, but maybe the zwave database needs updating to use the correct type for a contact? Do you have the database reference?




This is contained in the XML file of the node in my openHAB-userdata\zwave folder.
Does this help? Otherwise - how can I find out the database reference?

Thanks. The device is this one -:

I’ve updated the database so that it’s recognised as a door sensor - this should be in the binding by Tuesday I hope…

Thanks for the help!

I updated my ZWave Binding to the latest snapshot.
What is now the correct way to update my already existing Things? Delete
from Controller and then re-add, or re-initalize? Or is there another way?

Just delete the thing, click on discovery again and add it back. Don’t exclude it or anything like that - this isn’t necessary.

Hi Chris,

I am on openhab 2.1 stable - so I uninstalled ZWave Binding 2.1 via Paper UI and manually installed the latest Snapshot of the Z-Wave Binding
As you suggested I deleted the Thing and re-added it by clicking on discovery.
But it still only shows a Binary sensor channel (not as Door Sensor):

Is there sth missing in the database or did I do sth wrong?

Hi Chris,

my Cyrus door sensor still pops up as a binary sensor.
How can I update the database so that the status will be OPEN/CLOSED instead of ON/OFF?