Cytech Comfort integration


Has anyone integrated their comfort security system with openhab? I know it’s possible but i’d like to know if its secure?? (or how to make it secure if not)


Hi @matt_shepherd - did you ever get anywhere with this? I just started looking at the same thing this week. So far I found this MQTT method on Github, but I have not had time to try it out yet. If I have any success I’ll post back… Did you find any other methods?

Yes I did mate,

I managed to make a couple of wifi door contacts with sonoffs too. It all runs on MQTT, I’m no genius but have got it all working. You cant have running on Openhab and Comfigurator at the same time.

Let me know if you need any help and I’ll post my items etc for you.

Yes please, if you had the time to upload a few example thing/item/sitemaps I’d really appreciate it.
I have no problem with not being able to use OH and Comfigurator at the same time, I only ever use the Cyctech tools for configuration, maybe once every three years :slight_smile:
Thanks for helping me out!

Here we go mate, first of all you need to follow koochyrats github
instructions to get it running as a service on you pi that you have openhab running on, I presume you have mosquitto up and running too?

I don’t have any things just items and a sitemap

Contact	Cinema_PIR	      "Cinema Motion"      <motion>    	    {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/input1:state:MAP(]"}
Contact	Kitchen_PIR	      "Kitchen Motion"     <motion>         {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/input2:state:MAP(]"}
Contact	Front_Door        "Front Door"         <frontdoor>      {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/input3:state:MAP(]"}
Contact	Side_Door         "Side Door"          <frontdoor>      {mqtt="<[mosquitto:stat/sidedoor/POWER:state:MAP(]"}
Contact	Lounge_Window1    "Window 1"           <window>         {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/input4:state:MAP(]"}
Contact	Lounge_Window2    "Window 2"           <window>         {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/input5:state:MAP(]"}
Contact	Cinema_Window    "Cinema Window"       <window>         {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/input6:state:MAP(]"}
String  Cytech_Controller "UCM State"	       <network>        {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/alarm/online:state:MAP(]"}
String	Alarm_State	      "Alarm State"        <alarm>	        {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/alarm:state:default]"}
String  Alarm_Status      "Alarm Online"       <alarm>          {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/alarm/online:state:MAP(]"}
String	Alarm_Set	      "Alarm Set"          <alarm>	        {mqtt=">[mosquitto:comfort2/alarm/set:command:*:default]"}
String	Alarm_Timer	      "Alarm Timer"        <alarm>	        {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/alarm/timer:state:default]"}
String	Alarm_Message	  "Alarm Message"      <alarm>	        {mqtt="<[mosquitto:comfort2/alarm/message:state:default]"}

Switch	Echo_Alarm_Set "Alarm Set Night" ["Lighting"]


sitemap comfort label="Comfort" icon="Alarm"{
    Frame label="Doors" {
 			Text item=Front_Door label="Front Door [%s]"
            Text item=Side_Door label="Side Door [%s]"
    Frame label="Motion Sensors" {
			Text item=Cinema_PIR label="Cinema Motion [%s]"
            Text item=Kitchen_PIR label="Kitchen Motion [%S]"
    Frame label="Windows" {
			Text item=Lounge_Window1 label="Lounge Window 1 [%s]"
			Text item=Lounge_Window2 label="Lounge Window 2 [%s]"
			Text item=Cinema_Window label="Cinema Window [%s]"	
    Frame label="Alarm" { 
			Text item=Alarm_State label="Alarm State [%s]"
			Text item=Cytech_Controller label="UCM State [%s]"
			Text item=Alarm_Status label="Alarm Online [%s]"
			Text item=Alarm_Timer label="Alarm Timer [%s]"
			Text item=Alarm_Message label="Alarm Message [%s]"
			Selection item=Alarm_Set label="Set Alarm" mappings=[DISARM=Disarm,ARM_NIGHT=Night,ARM_HOME=Day,ARM_AWAY=Away]

Happy to help mate :slight_smile: