D-Link DCH-Z510: How to play door chime sound?

I am trying to figure out how to make a doorbell with a flic button and a D-Link DCH-Z510 sirene. The flic button is working fine, but I am having trouble with the sirene.

I am trying to find out how to make my D-Link DCH-Z510 sirene play door chime sound. According to the datasheet, a notification report type 0x06 with event 0x16 must be sent to the sirene to play the sound.


How can I send a notification report type 0x06 with event number 0x16 from a rule? Can SendCommand somehow do the trick?

I hope someone can help.

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This device should have an Alarm channel. Read it’s description. If it works the way I think it does, you should be able to link an item to that channel and send a number to it to play the sounds.

Hi Scott

Thanks for your reply.

According to this product file https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/330?layout=openhab2 there is an alarm channel just as you mentioned. So I guess it should just be a matter of sending the value 0x16 to this channel to make the sirene play the door chime sound. It doesn’t work. Instead the sirene sounds like a police car or something like that. I am not sure how to interpret the definition of the channel, so I cannot check if theres a discrepancy between the sirenes command interface and the product file.

Another thing is that for some reason the alarm channel (labelled “Start Sound”) is not shown in PaperUI but in Habmin it is. How can that be?


It looks like the channel name is ‘Start sound’ and is DecimalType, so the item should be Number. It looks like you need to send it 22 (0x16 converted to decimal) to play the door chime, but I’m not exactly sure how this is supposed to work.

There is some funky stuff in the Overview of the channel that is likely preventing PaperUI from displaying it properly (you likely would see errors in the developer options of your browser). I’ve made some changes in the database that will hopefully correct this.

It turns out that the value 5 must be sent to ‘Start sound’ channel to make the sirene play the door chime sound.

I have created this item in my .items file:

Number Sirene "Sirene" {channel="zwave:device:63ab8ea1:node14:notification_send"}

In my .rules file I have added this rule to play the sound each minute:

rule "Play sound each minute"

  Time cron "0 */1 * ? * *"
  sendCommand(Sirene, 5)

And it works!

      <channel id="switch_binary" typeId="switch_binary">
          <property name="binding:*:OnOffType">SWITCH_BINARY,BASIC</property>
      <channel id="sensor_binary" typeId="sensor_binary">
        <label>Binary Sensor</label>
          <property name="binding:*:OnOffType">SENSOR_BINARY</property>
      <channel id="notification_send" typeId="notification_send">
        <label>Start sound</label>
          <property name="binding:*:DecimalType">ALARM; event1=BURGLAR:1,event2=EMERGENCY:1,event3=EMERGENCY:2,event4=EMERGENCY:3,event5=ACCESS_CONTROL:22,event6=SMOKE:1,event7=EMERGENCY:5,event8=EMERGENCY:254,event9=ACCESS_CONTROL:1,event10=ACCESS_CONTROL:2,event11=ACCESS_CONTROL:3,event12=ACCESS_CONTROL:4</property>

The channel definition shows that event5 for ‘Start sound’ channel will play door chime sound, so when I send value 5 to the channel I guess that some magic maps this to the right notification type and event. It seems to me like the channel definition doesn’t match the manual from D-Link.

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the device is “unknow” to me since your edit in the DB.
Can you give some details what you did and why?

I created the former version of the device and thought there were no issues.

For anybody looking for Z510 siren…

There are many similar versions of this Siren from Dlink, Devolo, Philio just to name a few!

Most documentation is for the Philio … however those devices are different!
Have different sounds, led effects for alarms!

I tried tons of different Events etc for the DLINK version and all catches of working sounds are in the DB!


I know this topic is old but maybe someone will find my answer helpful anyway. I tested notification_send channel with numbers from 0 to 150. These are results:

OpenHAB command to use in rule:
sendCommand(SirenItem, number)

1 - Emergency sound
2 - Policecar sound
3 - Fire alarm
4 - Ambulance sound
5 - Door chime
6 - Fire alarm
7 - 2x beep
8 - Emergency sound

Other numbers didn’t work.
Unfortunately I didn’t find any number for 1x beep, Fire engine sound, Silent alarm, which should be normally supported by this device.