[d4j.internal.RRD4jPersistenceService] - Could not create rrd4j database file

Hi there & happy new year!

Recently my OH 4.0.1 installation produces umpteen errors due to a strange persistence error. I read about that in old threads where the solution is supposed to be stop openhab, delete files under /var/lib/openhab/persistence/rrd4j and restart openhab.

Tried that but it does not seem to be a real solution as OH floods my log because each item on the system throws this error every minute!
Whatsmore, the pertaining items which throw errors should not be persisted at all.
On the other hand, the items which I ACTUALLY DO persist are stored in MariaDB just fine.

I would not know of any configuration that I could have created to use RRD4 persistence at all.
In fact, my installation is set up to use jdbc persistence with MariaDB.

2024-01-01 12:01:45.849 [INFO ] [org.openhab.core.Activator          ] - Starting openHAB 4.0.1 (build Release Build)
2024-01-01 12:02:05.214 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'jdbc.persist'
2024-01-01 11:57:12.228 [ERROR] [d4j.internal.RRD4jPersistenceService] - Could not create rrd4j database file '/var/lib/openhab/persistence/rrd4j/evcc_NVP.rrd': Invalid file header. File [/var/lib/openhab/persistence/rrd4j/evcc_NVP.rrd] is not a RRD4J RRD file

Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix these errors lastingly?
It’s also a real pain if I want to check for log entries which I create for debugging purposes and there is a sea of RRD4 errors piling up.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

In OH 3, rrd4j comes pre installed. Without a configuration, it will save all number items on change and every minute with restoreOnStartup.

If you don’t want to use it, remove the add-on.

In OH 4, there is a first run wizard which recommends installing rrd4j but doesn’t just install it by default but if you had it in OH 3, it’ll still be there after an upgrade.

Cheers Rich,

uninstalled RRD4 persistence and everything is fine!


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