Daikin AC Binding for awm61a01 wifi adapter

Hi all,

I just gotten a new Daikin AC split unit and it comes with a wifi adapter model number AWM61A01. I have tried using both Daikin and openDaikin binding but both of them cannot discover the adapter.

Any ideas?

From the doc’s:

The Daikin binding allows you to control your Daikin air conditioning units with openHAB. In order to do so, your Daikin air conditioning unit must have a BRP072A42 or BRP15B61 WiFi adapter installed.

Or is the model number you posted for the AC unit only?

If the unit adapter is not supported you can always open a issue on Github to have it added.

Hi H102,

AWM61A01 is the model number for the wifi adapter. I just talked to the Diakin technician and was told this is a new wifi adapter rolling out. The technician had no other info…

I will play around a bit more, if needed will raise an issue in github


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Did you get to make this work? I was going to purchase that adapter for my Daikin cassette air conditioner. Wondering if it will work. I’ve only seen Malaysia selling this product.