Daikin Binding in OH3 - Local control without internet?

I would like to get an AC installed. I received a quote for a Daikin FTXM 50 R which has a build-in WiFi controller. The Daikin Binding says that a “BRP069B41, BRP072A42, BRP072C42 or BRP15B61” wifi unit is required, however the new Daikin ACs have a built-in wifi unit, so I don’t really know if the mentioned device is compatible or not.

Does someone have a newer Daikin AC with built in wifi (like the one mentioned above) and can tell me if it is fully controllable through OpenHAB purely locally? I know that they have an App with a cloud solution but I’m definitely not going for that. It’s a rather expensive decision, so I must be absolutely sure not to purchase an incompatible product.

I’m using FTXM25M and FTXM35M with the Daikin binding. Their integrated wifi is supported.

It looks like your version 25/35 device is from around 2015, so it probably had one of the old wifi modules.

According to this long HASS topic, the problems started to occur in the beginning of 2021 where the integrated wifi module was apparently replaced. New apparently incompatible version seems to be “BRP069C4x”.

Ich should probably rephrase my question:
Did anyone receive a new Daikin AC model last year and was able to use it locally with the existing binding out of the box?

Or did anyone replace the integrated new wifi module with an old one?
I’ve read that it might be possible to do so with the old “BRP069B42” which can be connected with an EKRS21 cable. Someone even posted a video on how to replace the wifi module (but for a different reason, because he wants to use the same app for his old and new Daikin ACs).