Daikin FTXM

Hi, is Daikin FTXM supported by OH?

It it has a KKRP01A or BRP072A42 : probably yes:

Yes I know. What i don’t know is if Daikin FTXM have BRP072A42 and if other controller (not documented) are working.

FTXM-M series should have BRP069A41. Anyone can confirm?
If Yes is BRP069A41 supported? Thanks

I am using BRP069A41 with this new binding

Thanks. And it works without issues?

Yes, i only tested a little since it came out in march and I stil not have used AC yet. The test was fine

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I use the Opendaikin Binding with the adapter BRP069A41.
All works fine, except the setpoint.
I can see the actual set temperature but when i try to go up/down nothing happens.

Not much information provided to help, please check your syntax:

I solved the issue
At begin in Sitemap i used the syntax from the binding instructions

Setpoint item=Daikin_sz_SetPoint visibility=[Daikin_wz_Power==ON] label=“Soll-Temperatur” icon=“temperature_cold”

Now i modify like this an all drive perfect :ok_hand:

Setpoint item=Daikin_sz_SetPoint visibility=[Daikin_wz_Power==ON] label=“Soll-Temperatur [%.1f °C]” icon=“temperature_cold” minValue=19 maxValue=26 step=1.0

@sihui Thank you so much for the fast help!

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