Daikin Onecta (Cloud) Binding [;

Yes, no error.

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Hey, just installed on my system, having a full house AC with 6 devices, the binding seems to work perfect! ill keep on testing and will provide feedback.

On question (im working on a low level with OpenHAB):

when an update of the JAR is provided, I have manually stop the service, replace the JAR file and restart, but my configuration will remain the same (guess the answer is yes, but want to be sure, before I implement all devices in my rules… :wink:


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Confirming fixed bug. Thanks @Alexander_Drent.
Looking forward to DHW features. :star_struck:

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Hi Linus,
Of course I try to prevent parts from changing in the existing configuration. But unfortunately I can’t promise that :wink:. the binding is still “work in progress” and I want to improve and further expand it.

I’d say use the binding and enjoy it. And share your experiences. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

Greetings Alexander

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Hi All,

In addition to a number of Daikin air conditioning units, I also have a hybrid heat pump. Daikin Altherma EHYHBH08AV32, EVLQ08CV3, NHY2KOMB32A. Unfortunately I don’t have a connection to the network yet. Before I purchase this expensive LAN module (BRP069A62). I would like to know which data comes from this system with my binding. (the Raw dump).
If the data output is good, I would like to purchase this connector. The intention is then to make the binding further suitable for a heat pump.

If anyone can help me with this data I would really appreciate it.

Greetings Alexander.

Hi @Alexander_Drent,

I have a BRP069A78, which I think is quite similar to BRP069A62. It is an integrated module from a Daikin Altherma 3 RW. I could dump the JSON if you like.

Greetings, Daniel

Thanks, You already did 5 days ago. :slight_smile:
I didn’t know what installation you had. try to find out what information my installation type provides.
gr Alexander

Great if this is sufficient. :+1:
I’m pretty sure the BRP069A62 provides same data as my BRP069A78. The BRP069A62 ist just the external retrofit for the newer integrated BRP069A62 to work with Onecta.

Yes, but the hybrid heat pump is a different machine

Just one question.

I have an installation of 4 Daikin Stylish internal AC units. They can be connected via the classic Daikin binding as they still provide the local API, but I use the Onecta binding in parallel because it provides more channels, e.g. the demand control. From time to time, some of my set points (in the last weeks they used to be ~25 °C for cooling) change to 18 °C “by themselves”. So far, I could not find out what is the reason, I am trying to find coincidences using the log. The set point items are linked to the classic binding only, but I don’t remember having these effects before I installed the Onecta binding.

Is there anyone who has experienced something similar? Maybe an effect of running both bindings in parallel?

Hi Philipp,

Thats strange, The onecta binding only sends commands when you sets it to do and it logs it.
Just an idea, Is it possible that you used the remote to change eg the fan speed or swing or turn off or …
When you do this the remote also sends the temperatuur from the remote (even if you haven’t adjusted it)
I can’t explain it any other way.

Gr Alexander

OK, thanks for the hint. Yes, could be… I am not always aware of who in the family plays with which remote…

I could write rule to “correct” some of these strange behaviors, I already did for the fan speed changing from “SILENCE” to “AUTO” by a remote. But with the temperature, it needs more intelligence… If somebody really adjusts the temperature via remote, the value should not be corrected. If the unit is just turned on and temperature switches to 18 °C all the sudden and remains there, that could be a case where the temperature should be put back to the previous value. Controlling by IR remote and by home automation in parallel generates some problems as the IR remotes don’t read out the actual status.

Did check another heatpump today: Daikin Altherma ECH2O. I got exactly the same properties in the dump. I guess there’s a limited (and consistent) set for all types of heatpumps.

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