Daikin wi-fi adapter BRP072C42 not visible or configurable in OH

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AFAIK this just supports Daikin air conditioners where a Wifi adapter (it’s a separate box afaik) has been connected to. So this binding is actually communicating with the Wifi adapter, not to the air conditioner directly. The wifi adapter has a somewhat standardised syntax to communicate over http, and it then translates what proprietary signals need to be sent to the connected air conditioner via a proprietary wired link.

Currently it is known to support 2, soon to be 3, different kinds of Wifi adapter models: BRP072A42, BRP072C42 and the so called “Airbase adapter” BRP15B61. These adapters support quite a few different kinds/models of Daikin air conditioners, usually the split type or ducted type. Perhaps someone else can add more details about this and whether they also support heaters / heat pumps.

If you can get the documentation of how Altherma R (ex Rotex) heatpump works/communicates and if it looks similar to the other adapters’ protocol, perhaps we can incorporate it / add support for it into this binding.

FYI, this binding communicates with the wifi adapters using HTTP / HTTPS. You can see some of the sample http requests in the posts above.

Beta10 works fine for me. No issue detected.
Question: I have several BRP072C42 adapters. Should I generate a different UUID for each of them, or can I use the same one?
Thanks again!

I don’t see a reason why you should use a different UUID for each of them. The only possible reason would be how paranoid you are about people getting on your network and hijacking your air conditioning system after they’ve managed to intercept your SSL session, which is probably easy to do since the binding doesn’t verify the SSL certificate in any way.

PS Thanks for testing beta10.

@madsing while you’re doing some tests, would you mind testing the autodiscovery feature please? You can just discover / add the thing without deleting your existing things. I’d like to know whether discovery works and whether a new UUID registration done by the binding works. I believe it should, but it’s nice to get a confirmation from a real test.

In principle, Altherma control works the same way with the BRP069A62 controller.
Maybe you can try to use the code in this post/thread on an aircon of yours ?
At least I think you should synchronize with @kbecker to find out what your and his code have in common.

Yes, I think that the autodiscovery works fine. This is what I see:

  • In the Inbox of the Paper UI, I have six new Things for the six Daikin adapters.
  • They are all marked “Ignored”. I guess it’s because they are duplicates of the Things I have already declared in my daikin.things file.
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Thanks for testing. Yes the Ignored thing is because it matches the ones that already exists (based on the “host”), however you can still add them. When you add one, it should default to secure=on, and it will generate a uuid based on the MAC of the adapter, so the generated uuid will be unique for each adapter. So for a new user, they just need to enter their adapter’s key and in theory it should all work from there, including registering the uuid.

The latest PR review triggered another code changes… hopefully it won’t affect functionality. I won’t ask you to test again until the final PR :slight_smile:

I had a quick look at @kbecker’s code. It uses web socket and the “end points” are totally different to the air conditioner stuff covered in the current Daikin binding.

In my opinion though, I suppose the Openhab’s “Daikin” binding should support the Altherma as well, naturally using a different thing type. I wonder if @kbecker would like to take on the task of integrating his code, since he has the adapter to test and he’s already familiar with it.

Ok. Just ping me and I will test the final version.

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@madsing please test rc1
org.openhab.binding.daikin-2.5.5-SNAPSHOT-rc1.txt (65.0 KB)

The PR has been merged

I have tested the rc1 and it also works well for me.
Note: In addition,I have removed my daikin.things file then tried to discover and add the adapters. Discovery works fine, but after adding the Thing corresponding to a Daikin BRP072C42 adapter it stays offline. It has configured the Thing with secure=true and a new uuid, but I don’t see a way to input the key from the Paper UI. Maybe that’s the reason.

You’d have to go to Paperui -> Configuration -> Things -> Daikin AC Unit (x.x.x.x) -> Click the Edit button and enter the key in there.

Apparently there’s a way to prompt for the key right after adding it from Inbox but I’d have to create a new thing type in order to maintain backward compatibility with BRP072A42. So do you think it should be done or just keep it this way?

Sorry, I checked again this morning. This is a screenshot taken after clicking the Edit button. Is it where I have to enter the key? (It works fine for me with the key in the .Things file, I am just trying to make it work with the Paper UI). Thanks again.

That appears to be the old binding. Check your karaf console, it should say something like this:

openhab> bundle:list -s | grep daikin
303 │ Active │  80 │      │ org.openhab.binding.daikin

Maybe try clearing your openhab cache?

265 │ Active │ 80 │ │ org.openhab.binding.daikin
266 │ Active │ 80 │ 2.5.0 │ org.openhab.binding.daikin

Do I have two bindings installed at the same time?


bundle:uninstall 266

Alternatively, uninstall via paperui. The one in the addons folder will not show up in paperui.

Ok. Now it works. So it was an installation problem on my side. I can input the key in the Paper UI, the Thing is updated, but I get an internal error 500 Exception during HTTP PUT request. I think I should restart and try again.

Thanks for your help. I have my AC’s working perfectly using the new binding.

This has now been included in 2.5.5, so you can just delete the jar in your addons folder and upgrade to 2.5.5 and install the binding the usual way e.g. via paperui.