DAITEM system and openhab

Hi everybody. I’m about to install OH automation on my shutters, so make them go up and down automatically when some condition occours.
Problem is: my daitem alarm. If it’s ON and shutters are moved, so i’ll get an alarm.

I need a way to make openhab server and daitem system “speak” each other, something like

if alarm is ON & shutters must be moved THEN

1 - shut down alarm system
2 - move shutters
3 - if everything is done, reactivate alarm system

any idea? There’s a daitem module, SH710AX, that provides some contact open/closed so i can read them and understand if alarm is active or not. But i have no idea how to reacivate the alarm.

Help needed!

To set/unset group 1 to 4 or do a full set automatically you can use a 221-21X module. I have used the 221-21X directly next to the SH710AX to create certain scenarios.

Yes, that’s what i discovered in the meantime. Can you give me some extra detail about your implementation?
I already have a 221-21ax for each shutter, i’m missing sh710ax.
I need to explain that to my daitem installer… and of course i don’t want to buy that module only for a test, it’s quite expensive!

thanks in advance

The SH710AX can be used to avoid the shutters being moved while the system is set if the shutters have an input. Are the shutters controlled via OpenHAB? Do you have more inputs/outputs on your openHAB system that can be used?

I’m still in a “design” stage. I plan to control shutters with FIBARO roller shutters, i read good feedback and there’s a lot of documentation on OH2 forum.
I’m quite confident with zwave, i control many things in my house with fibaro zwave relay, so i think this is the right choice.

My idea about how to connect daitem and oh2 is based on gpio.
Using oh2 i can control a relay board to close a clean contact (tested yesterday) to insert the zone 1, and read a contact coming from 221AX or 710AX to check if alarm is set.
I already have a 221AX on each shutter, that triggers alarm if someone lift the shutter.

Here i need your help, to better understand the way you are using that daitem modules. My local daitem reseller don’t know nothing about openhab and also about possible integration with other systems…

Agan, the rule concept is

1 - read gpio contact to check is alarm is on 2 - control gpio in order to open "the" contact and disable alarm 3 - operate shutters 4 - re-enable alarm closing contact via gpio


at the moment I have no testboard to try this but it sounds OK to me. In the past I have used an Opto Isolator with the 221-21X as the GPIO is obviosly not voltage free.

1 - read from relay 1 of SH710AX (SET/UNSET)
2 - if system is SET => trigger GPIO Output via Opto Isolator => 221-21X to unset alarm (STATIC GPIO output)
3 - operate shutters
4 - if “finished operating shutters” => trigger GPIO Output via Opto Isolator => 221-21X to set alarm (STATIC GPIO output)

If you only fully set/unset the alarm system and never set/unset certain groups you could also use a 714-21X. This has only one relay but is much cheaper.

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

A final question about daitem devices.
In point 1 you tell me to use SH710AX, in point 2 then 221-21X. So i’ll need one of each device?
710AX to read alarm state, 221 to set state (partial or full). It’s my assumption correct?

I don’t think 714-21 is an option because i want in the future to choose between full activation and partial activation.

@dreamweaver1408 - can i have your gpio item file? Can’t get to work with them…