Danalock + Fibaro Button


Just wondering if someone can help out a newbie.
I have tried for a couple of days now to get my danalock to lock the door, when I click 1 time on the Fibaro Button, without luck using the paperui site, but I don’t really understand the Fibaro button settings, and I can’t find any understandable documentation on it.

Does anybody happen to have the same setup that can help me out with some guidiance, or at least tell me what settings I need under the Fibaro Button to trigger the Danalock?

I finally go the things working together :slight_smile: I missed that I had to add a .0 to the scene, and not just 1

Now, I am trying to get the Fibaro Button to get activated with Google home, but as far as I can see, The Fibaro Button is not a normal switch, but a scene selector?

I have tried to add both the Switchable and Lighting tag to the button in the home.items file, but google will not link the account then.
I have by the way added a rule, that with 1 click on the Fibaro button, it will unlock the lock (not unlock of course)
Number zwave_device_8581b43b_node4_scene_number “Scene Number” [ “Switchable”]

If I do the same with my Danalock, there’s no problem, and Google will link the account:
Switch zwave_device_8581b43b_node6_lock_door “Door Lock” [ “Switchable”]

But that way it’s possible to both lock and unlock my door with voice, which I don’t want.

Can you please tell me if it’s possible to get the Fibaro button controlable by Google home somehow?

I’m not an expert on this, but I would guess that “Switchable” can’t be added to a “Number” item, since it’s not a binary on/off.

Instead of linking your Fibaro, you could create a virtual switch item and trigger that with Google Home.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

With that, do you mean I should create a virtual switch, that will trigger the rule I created ?

Yes, exactly. Your virtual switch can be triggered by Google Home, and your rule can then trigger on “virtual_item received command ON”.

I would also suggest a second rule that synchronizes the virtual item with the actual state of the lock. Toggling it to off won’t do anything (since you won’t have a rule for that), but you can then see its status in the Google Home app.

Finally succeded after a few days of trials and errors. So simple, yet so hard when new to this.
Thanks for the tip:)

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