Danalock (Gerdalock) does not show properly in Habmin

I cannot make my new Danalock (OEM by Gerdalock) appear correctly in Habmin. I set up everything as per secure zwave instructions, The lock works as expected. I was positively surprised with immediate lock response, as in the manual some serious delays were mentioned for secure z-wave transmission.

However, I cannot make it appear properly in Habmin. It shows as Manufacturer: 270 [ID:2, Type:8]. This data matches with device info found on Chris Jacksons database, providing Manufacturer ID is in decimal in Habmin and Hex in the database. So I thing the device is known to the community.

I am using OH 1.8.3 runtime, with Z-Wave binding Version, obtained from Cloudbees, as described in secure zwave setup instructions.

Any hints welcomed.