Danalock universal module V3 included with Danalock keypad settings too?

Today i excluded my Danalock universal module V3 and re-included it.

Now it is not only showing the channel for relay control but also channels for entering keycodes? In the item database it seems not confgured that way?

Danalock Universal Module V3

Include your OH xml file and your manual.
Sometimes manufacturers add new parameters for newer firmware versions. Our current database entry has all 13 parameters listed in our manual.

Must be a manufacturer update then.
I included two XML files node 25 earlier inclusion and node 38 latest inclusion.

network_ebae5036__node_38.xml (17.8 KB)
network_ebae5036__node_25.xml (15.2 KB)

Those are bothe\ the same hardware unit??
Node 38
Node 25

Yes, they are both same hardware and both the same firmware.
I rediscovered node 38 after a binding update to latest snapshot today, node 25 was discovered few months ago.
There must have been a database update n between?

If they are 2 different locks physically perhaps one was older stock. That information came from the lock itself.

Are you able to find a copy of the manual online with the additional configuration items? If not, a scanned pdf of your manual would be useful.
The configuration parameters themselves are entered manually into the database.

Here are two manuals I found on the web.
In the older manual they mention an available keypad accessory, so that is possibly why someone added the code settings to the module configuration.
Both of my modules are woking fine with the different database settings.

danalockuniversaluv3userguide.pdf (188.3 KB)
user-manual-3736657.pdf (313.3 KB)