Danfoss Ally and Deconz

I have a Danfoss Ally thermostat connected to my Deconz zigbee controler. I can see the temperature, set the target temperature, and se the time when it was last updated, but is there a way to se the battery status ?
I OH3 it is not comming op as a channels option.
It will be nice to know when it is time to change the battery :slight_smile:
I can se the battery status in Phoscon (Deconz), so the information is comming from the thermostat.

I am running OH3.2 M2, Deconz version 2.12.06

Br Jesper

Could it be that it is shown as a separate device? That‘s the case for my IKEA Fyrtur blinds.

The settings in Openhab looks like this

so it might be that the Deconz binding does not se it

Yes, but what I wanted to say: Did you check if another device (type batterysensor) is discovered which only contains the battery status?

Hi, I will have a look.
There is no Thing: deconz type: batterysensor in the list. Alle the things on the list is things, that I have connected to my deconz.
I think must have someting to do with the deconz binding.
Hope that someone know how to fix it :slight_smile:

Please set the binding to TRACE mode and show what is reported for that device (or use the REST API of deconz for that).

Hi, I am not sure what you wany me to do :-), but I have now found out that one of my 7 thermostat har the battery option, and other does not. I will try to find a solution for that.