Danfoss ICON2 bindings

I have recently installed a Danfoss ICON2 heating controller

The device offers control via ZigBee3, and Danfoss provides its own hub Danfoss Ally. Instead of using the Danfoss Ally, I would rather want to connect it to a third-party ZigBee3 hub (e.g. ConBee3) and integrate it with openHAB. As I understand, openHAB would need the bindings for the ICON2, which are not (yet) available. Correct ?

What information would be required from the manufacturer to be able to build the bindings for openHAB ?

I am new to this smart home stuff … so any useful help would be very much appreciated.

I use a danfoss ally thermostat with a conbee II stick. The data I get are only half of what the danfoss interface could supply. The functions of some parameters are not quit clear.
So how does the conbee III supports the ICON2 ? Maybe you can import every single thermostat by the use of the actual deconz binding.

That‘s one of the problems with Danfoss

Hi, many thanks for your reply.

Basically this is my question: How do I know if a specific ZigBee coordinator/hub will connect with the Icon2, and which features will be supported - and if there are missing features, how would one be able to add those.

I am still lacking somehow the understanding which layer is responsible for decoding the frames sent by a device, and what information is required to integrate the provided data in a smart home application like openHAB.