Danfoss Living Connect LC13 unknown in OpenHab 2.5

I have multiple Danfoss Living Connect LC13 thermostats which are working perfect with OpenHab 2.5.
Now I want to add another one (which was included, now I’ve excluded and want to include it again)

But the problem is that the device remains unknown in the bindings, no channels are shown and it is not recognized as a thermostat like the other ones.

The XML is created (see attached for node 158), so I have no clue why this one is not recognized anymore.

Also attached another XML for a device which is still working fine.

Anyone have a clue what I could be doing wrong here ?

I excluded/included the thermostat already multiple times, I woke up the device already multiple times.
Even if I manually change the setpoint via the device, the log file shows it perfect.
network_f9dbcf42__node_158.xml (7.3 KB)
network_f9dbcf42__node_11.xml (7.4 KB)

This device was mistakenly deleted from database, have a look here

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In addition to @chris4789 answer here is the specific binding date you should avoid:

Wow, thank you all for the swift support, I’ll install the snapshot version one of these days then so all will be working again.

Thanks again for the super fast support, much appreciated.

I also struggled with this and unfortunately the update script didn’t worked (timeout after 2 min)

At the end I need to install “openhab-transport-serial” and now it’s working.
Hope the LC13 will find back the way in the “normal” opnhab snapshot :slight_smile:
=> jar file in the addon folder
=> restart
=> feature:install openhab-transport-serial