Dark Sky - Yawb4oH2 (Yet another weather binding for openHAB 2)

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I keep forgetting about that. :frowning:

I have simple mode turned on. But as an example; A shelly device has some channels which i can enable / disable and thus manage which ones i want to actively use. DarkSky binding does not work the same way i guess. So all the channels show up in paperUI.

When i add a few “channels” to the items file, will it only show those items or will it still show all. If so, i guess i have to manually add a Thing? If i manually add a thing, will i need to do this for all things? or can you work with simple mode and manual mode at the same time for different things?

First of all, PaperUI is for administration only. It really shouldn’t matter what get’s shown there. It’s not intended for day to day use. Sitemaps and/or HABPanel are for that.

The control tab in PaperUI will show all Channels that have any Item linked to them. So if you don’t want to see a Channel listed, turn off Simple Mode, delete all those Items that were created, and only create and link Items to those Channels you care about.

Simple Mode is the absolute worst feature of OH. Never use it.


Has anyone tried using PrecipitationIntensity? I set this up as an item, it has dimensions of Speed, and reports in km/h, which gives results something like 1.565543434344444E-7, which is pretty hard to display. The actual value is in mm/h, so there is a factor of a million between the actual value and the displayed value.

Is there a way of getting a Speed quantity to display in mm/h and not km/h?

I’m on 2.5.1-2.

Ok, not to worry, figured out how to change unit of measure to mm/h. Just put the unit after the format string, just like in the examples given in the binding documentation, now that I pay attention.

I was converting existing items from the old weather1 binding, and didn’t notice the format string was in the old format.

In respect to the alerts, has anyone been successful in making this work? I enabled DarkSky several weeks ago with the alerts items created as per the readme. We just had a string of tornados come through here last week with several different alerts and nothing ever populated.

EDIT: As a test to make sure the query actually should pull alerts, I pulled down the most recent forecast from DarkSky via web since we have a few alerts currently. The JSON reply shows the 4 current alerts. I’m wondering if there is an issue with the JSON not being parsed properly.

EDIT2: Found the issue. Documentation (https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/darksky/) identfies the item configuration as darksky:weather-and-forecast:api:local:alert1#title. The actual configuration is darksky:weather-and-forecast:api:local:alerts1#title (Note the missing S at the end of alert). This corrects the issue. Please update documentation to reflect.

To make sure that happens you need to at least file an issue (see How to file an Issue) or, because it’ such a simple update there is a link at the bottom of the page that will take you directly to where you can make proposed change yourself. Finding and fixing little bugs (docs can have bugs too) like these are an excellent way to give back to the OH community.

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Unfortunately these links are currently broken. They are pointing to the wrong branch in the add-ons repository (master for OH 3.0 instead of 2.5.x)



master has to be replaced by 2.5.x


In this case I already submitted a fix:

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Edit: The rest of my message got cut off.

Thanks for fixing it! The next year is going to be challenging I think. I wonder if there is something we can do to get the right URL in the pages. @Confectrician, any ideas? Is this something we can fix?

Edit 2: Never mind, Yannick’s on it. :smiley:

Did you select 2.5 in the upper right? The default is latest which would be OH 3.

Hm … :thinking: what do you think?

Yes, I tested both. Both are linked to the same target.

I think we are both human and forget sometimes. Especially older ones like me. :frowning:

Fixing the links in https://github.com/openhab/website/pull/227, waiting for the preview build to finish.

For OH3, the website and docs will probably change too much to continue working like we do now, so we’ll have another subdomain (next.openhab.org) and a link from the current website to it.


And then what is planned to follow next? previous does not make much sense. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

next.openhab.org will become www.openhab.org when OH3 is released, and the current v2 site will become v2.openhab.org or similar (or we’ll find another option when we get there).

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Making the new one v3.openhab.org could eliminate future shuffling. Just point www to the current version. :wink:

Yes, I am a lazy sod.

FTR - The discussion on this matter is here: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-docs/issues/1133


Thanks. Left a comment there.

I’ve been having issues with the alerts not clearing after expiration. We had some severe weather here recently and while I certainly received the alerts it didn’t seem to clear the expired ones out. Is this expected behavior?

No that is not expected. They should be set to UNDEF after an alert expired. I will have a look into the code.

I’m peeling off debug logs for the darksky binding to a separate file to see if I can pull anything relevant off for you next time we get a weather alert.