[DarkSky] Error when using refreshInterval less than 10

I’ve been unhappy with OWM over the past week or so and decided to give DarkSky a chance. I use it on my phone and the current conditions seem to be closer.

So I’ve installed the binding and configured the Things. According to the docs the refreshInterval is supposed to be in minutes and that I should use any number larger than 2 to stay within the free API calls limit of 1000 a day.

However, when I put in any number lower than 10, PaperUI shows a configuration error with a message that the refreshInterval cannot be under 1 minute.


When I use any value 10 or greater, the error goes away and the binding uses the defined interval (e.g. if I put in 10 it will refresh every 10 minutes).

So is there a bug here or are the docs wrong and 10 is the minimum allowed refresh interval?

Mr. Newbie, what version of the binding? :flushed:
I think I have it running on one of my systems but would need to verify.

Latest snapshot. #1736.

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I thought so but the developer would not necessarily know that.

I don’t actually expect the developer to see this. It’s mainly to see if other users of the binding are seeing the same behavior. I’ll create an issue after this post has been up for a bit.

Just tested on mine and i see the same issue. Running latest snapshot too.

Same behaviour with me.
Running latest M4 release

He did … and it is a bug. I submitted a fix (see https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/pull/6318).


Awesome! Thanks!