Dashboard available in widget

The hab panel drawer contains a list of all dashboards. I would like to make a custom widget that needs the dashboard information. But im not sure if that is possible.

The drawer does this:

 <li ng-repeat="dash in dashboards | filter:isShown | orderBy:['row', 'col']" ng-class="{ active: isActive(dash.id) }" ng-click="goToDashboard(dash.id)">

My angular knowledge is about zero. It probably fails because the dashboard information is in a different controller and scope, but could someone point me in the right direction or help me out?

It’s possible although it shouldn’t be :slight_smile:
2 years ago (aIready!) when I hacked HABPanel together for myself I put the dashboards in the root scope to keep things simple, and it stuck :expressionless:

You can access them like this:

  <li ng-repeat="dashboard in $root.dashboards">

Here be dragons though, be careful with this.

Awesome! Thanks for al the work you put in habpanel.