Dashboard for an API without OpenHAB

I want to create a small Dashboard for a few values, that could be parsed within Java for example. One Temperature Value and a few Light switches. I want to create/use a small Website/Applet which could deliver those Values without the OpenHAB Framework. Maybe there is a platform for small sensors or similar. But I also want to send commands back to the device. It is a small Webserver which could not host a dashboard itself.

I’m not sure how much help you will find posting to an openHAB forum a question asking how to do without using openHAB.

Yeah, i know that it is possible with OH, but I choosed the Offtopic part. OH is a bit too much. Maybe there is a free dashboard that could be linked with mqtt or IFTTT for example. I only want to have the visual component.

I wasn’t arguing about the appropriateness of what and where you posted. I’m just pointing out that asking a community built around one product how to build a system that doesn’t use that product is not likely to get many responses.

I could tell you of a half a dozen ways to do this with OH but have zero knowledge of or recommendations for how to do it without OH.

In other words, you might get more useful information by posting to a more generic home automation forum like Reddit’s homeautomation subreddit.