Dashboard UI on Ipad questions and motion detection?

I encountered this video on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ6Q2eMJemo
My question is can we do the same thing on Ipad and how? Can you show me how?
I want it can detect my hand motion whenever I wave my hand so that i can unlock the Ipad.
Any way to display full UI window just like the video (on the Ipad ofcourse) ? It seems that the UI is automatically display whenever Ipad is unlocked, how can I do that?
Can anybody show me how can I stream video on my dashboard, I have a IP camera and I really want to put its image as well as video on my dashboard UI.
Thanks in advance, I am very appreciated!

I’m pretty sure this cannot be done on an iPad. This is built into the hardware and the OS. It requires the tablet to be monitoring the infrared proximity sensor even when the device is off. Not even all Android tablets will support that.

Probably. I’m sure there are games that run on the iPad that can go full screen like that. HABdroid has a full screen option in the settings. What ever app is used for the display could implement that on iPad as well I’m sure.

On Android what ever was the last app open when the screen went off is what will still be displayed when it comes back on. Note, this is working because this tablet is set to not have any locking at all. So it really isn’t unlocking so much as just turning on the screen.

I knew that HABdroid is avalaible to set full screen mode, but I think the guy in that video used web browser and logged onto the path where he put his habpanel folder. So I wonder whether could it be done on Ipad because Safari doesn’t support full screen mode, as I remember correctly.

Then the answer is no.

If you save a url on the home screen it will open full screen.