Data acquisition with openhab

what is the Feasibility of using openhab in scientific applications such as data acquisition ?

What are the parameters for your 4 Vs?

Could you more clarify the question please ?

I thought I reply to your initial question in kind, to demonstrate that a question without much to go on will tend to not reaping useful answers.

You asked:

To even start thinking about providing an answer to your question more information is required:
a) what are your definition and parameters of feasible?
b) Scientific implies precise, repeatable, reliable properties; which are?
c) what are your four Vs?

The four v’s of data acquisition: Volume, Variation, Variety and Visibility; and often a 5th: Value.

Now call me nasty; but I expect far more from a masters student when it comes to inquiry and research.

you are right , it’s my fault . the question is so Abbreviated . i just asked the question in general to obtain an intial answer before i go on with the details . but it seemed to be a wrong thought .
i’ll modify my question and ask again .

do you guys know each other???


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