Data analytics


I am automating my home, and for that I am collecting data with the purpose of analysing it for controlling devices.
My question is, what will be the best place to run the analytic software:

  1. Use openHAB rules
  2. Develop analytic application (node / python) that will listen to event from openHAB / MQTT and have the ability to extract data from influxDB, and based on analysis, send commands to openHAB.
  3. Other?

It is clear that option 2 is better as I can use more resources from open source that relates to data analytics. On the other hand, I tend to have one place for my automation code - openHAB, which means using rules.

Will appreciate any suggestions / comments and if someone has done something similar and can share it will be great.

Depending on the complexity of the analytics you will be probably limited to the point of uselessness in Rules DSL. I recommend either writing it separately or using JSR223 Rules that will let you import libraries.


I am trying to move to JSR223. I have started by moving some rules and I must say that at last it is easier (and powerful) to write rules (or at least for me, as I am much more familiar with python / node then Xtend).

I will try soon to write some analytics using pyhton packages and see how it goes.