Data usage Android

I’m quite surprised to see the data usage of the android app (2Gb /month). In fact it is the one with the very highest usage on my phone. Even more than e.g. YouTube our Netflix.
My usage of the app I consider not very high, each day I open it a few times to switch on our off a few lights.

Is this something you also recognise?

I just started my billing cycle last week so I only have about 5 days worth of data, but in those five days Habdroid has use 28.15 KB. If I project that to 30 days I’m looking at around 171 KB for the month.

Do you have camera or video feeds on your sitemap? Is the app always running? I just don’t see how you get to 2.1 GB.

Nope no video streams, nor fast updating items.

Come to think about it, I did encounter a bug last week with a colour light, maybe that caused high data consumption. (It got an invalid value and kept on updating)

20 KB in seven days …

Thanks, mine is indeed an abnormality than.

I’ll try to give the wrong colour light command once more to see if that is what is causing support high usage