Data usage

in the process of deploying a second openhab install in a remote location. I will be using the openhab cloud and Android app to do some simple monitoring of temperature and controlling a couple of switches.

My question is - will openhab be consistently updating the cloud therefore using my data uplink (very limited data allowance and relying on a 3G sim) or will the cloud only request data when I request to view it on my app?

Any insights into how much data (or when) is being sent up to the cloud would be most welcome.



It is constantly sending at least a hearbeat to the cloud. That is how it is able to determine when OH goes down.

If you have Items configured in your cloud connector configuration and updates to those Items will be published constantly as well.

Obviously, any alerts and notifications you send to MyOpenhab will be published.

Beyond that I don’t think anything else gets published unless you are actively connected to the REST API over the proxy (i.e. have a sitemap or HABPanel open).

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