Datepicker - can it be done inline?

Can the datepicker widgets (there seem to be two - datepicker and datetime-local) be set up so that they are open all the time? I believe it’s possible in F7 but can’t see how it might be done in the openhab UI.

In my control panel I have no desire to input a date into a text box or to have to click on a text box to make the picker appear. I would like a graphical datepicker to be permanently available or to be able to call it up or dismiss it as necessary with a visible property according to whatever else my widget is doing.

Can I do this? If not, it would be a very useful development of the widget.

I very much doubt that this is currently possible. The date type inputs specifically open their calendar guis in one of the f7 overlay containers (modal, sheet, popover), and even if you disable all the close properties for it, it will just be floating in the way of the rest of your widget.

The inline calendar example that the f7 docs show requires significant specific creation and code, so this would almost certainly have to be its own specialized component. You can always put it in as a feature request, but it’s not quite as simple as it might initially appear.

It’s possible that you could do this with the autofocus property. If you have the input in its own popup and set its autofocus to true then you can control the visibilty of the popup and opening the popup should result in the calendar picker being visible immediately.