Datepicker no hours and minutes anymore, OH 3.4.3 release build

Hi, I have a date picker in my widget and for some reason the hours and minutes are not showing anymore. I seem to remember it was below the calendar to select

here is the code:

                      - component: oh-input-item
                          title: Startzeit Automatik
                          type: datepicker
                          sendButton: true
                          validate: true
                          required: true
                          item: Zeit_Bewaesserung_Blumen
                          outline: false
                            timePicker: true
                            locale: de
                            dateFormat: HH::mm:ss
                            width: 85%
                            --f7-input-bg-color: "#ededed"

Thanks for pointing me in a direction to sort this out.

I think you need to use datetime-local to get both the date and the time, date and/or datepicker to just get the date and time to just get the time.

Thank you Rich, that did the trick!

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