DateTime item visible in PaperUI but not in sitemap in BasicUI

I’m facing issues displaying DateTime item in sitemap. Interestingly I have many of those coming from different items in the same sitemap, which work fine. The problematic one is is properly displayed in PaperUI but sitemap in basic UI shows blank/empty field. No error is thrown to log (no DEBUG though). I have no clue what can be wrong. PaperUI displays it like:
in the basicUI sitemap I’m using Text item=xxxxx

Any hints where to look? can it be some formatting issue or what? Thanks in advance

What is the label of your Item? How does it compare to Items that work?
“some timestamp [%s]” should get you started.

hey, I’m using it from this binding: and the item is:

<channel-type id="observationTimeLocal" advanced="true">
		<label>Observation Time</label>
		<description>Local time when conditions were observed</description>
		<state readOnly="true"></state>

whereas in sitemap I’ve just used Text item=xxxx, no label or so

What is the label of your Item? It has no formatting to tell the sitemap to display the state, or how to display it, [%s] for example, though there are many other choices for timestamps.

@rossko57, you are right. It is as simple as that. With formatting it works as expected Thanks!