Davis Binding for OH3?

Does anyone have a Davis Weather station binding working in OH3? Thanks

Weewx is a great way to get Davis weather station data into Openhab. It runs on a Raspberry Pi (and other platforms) and interfaces directly with the weather station - it can publish the weatherstation data via MQTT (which OH can then of course access). I have had Weewx running on a Pi and feeding data to OH for years. I’m happy to help if you need any guidance (but I’m no expert :-))

I will check into this. I had tried the Davis binding a year ago, but it was conflicting with my data being upload to WeatherUnderground. I have since install a second console that is acting as a clone. So, I can pull that data without the interference. I would prefer to use the binding as it was direct interface. Thanks

Weewx uploads my data to weather underground as well as publishing via MQTT for OH.