Davis Binding not found Openhabian

Hi, to all!

I have a problem with Davis Binding
i am trying to find it on my list on my openHAB 2.5.4-1 (Release Build) which i have on raspberry(Openhabian)

and i cant find it anywhere…am i doing anything wrong?i have remote repo and binding for 1.x enable…
The binding i am trying to install is this one:

Thanks to all!

That is a v1 binding. Have you enabled legacy bindings?

Hi, yes i have enabled it it in the 3 picture but i still cant’t see it… :confused:
i can see other bindings which are v1 too but i can find this one specific…


I see the same thing.

We need a developer to look at what is happening.

You can install it manually by placing the jar file in /usr/share/openhab2/addons then use the openhabian-config tool and run fix permissions.

Here is a link to the jar file.

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They could install manually but should not need to do that.

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I agree but thought they may want a workaround until the issue is resolved. :wink:

If workarounds are used, a GitHub issue should be opened first. :wink:

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i would give it a try thanks to all of you guys! :slight_smile:

I see the v 1.15.0 jar file in the links above has a last modified date of 26-June-2020.
Does anyone know what has changed and is it safe to use?

Likely that was just a new build of the jar file. According to GitHub the binding was last updated January 13 to add 2020 copyright. All that information is publicly available in GitHub. Anybody can search just like I did.

The Davis binding was never formally confirmed to work with openHAB 2. Which means nobody added it to the feature file of openHAB 1 bindings. As a result you won’t find it in the list of bindings to install, and the reason it won’t show in PaperUI. Given the fact openHAB 3 won’t support openHAB 1 bindings there is no active development on openHAB 1 bindings, so I doubt it will ever be possible to install this openHAB 1 binding via the normal route. Unless someone creates a openHAB 2 version. The only way to install this openHAB 1 binding is to manually install the binding as suggested here.


I’ve followed the steps to manually install the binding.
1 Copied org.openhab.binding.davis-1.15.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to /usr/share/openhab2/addons
2 Set permissions.
3 Created items
4 Added the following to my sitemap file.

Frame label=“Davis Vantage Pro 2” {

        Group item=DavisWeather


but it doesn’t work no values shown in ClassicUI, no errors in log.
Where should I go from here?

Is there a Davis Binding for OH3. I need some temperature data that I can only bring in through the Davis binding.
Thank you

You could set up an OH2 instance with the Davis binding and then use remoteopenhab binding to get the OH2 Items into OH3.

That is an option. I am already running 3 remote servers. I hate to add another one just for the pool temperature. Thanks