Deactivate direct Pushes

Hi there I’m looking for some solution to deactivate direct interaction with my Homematic Shutter Switches.
The Problem is, that my Son is now old enough to reach all Shutter Switches and hist favorite hobby become to close all Shutter.
So, is there any possibility, to deactivate the physical Shutter Switches by an Openhab2 Rule ?

Thanks a lot

If the physical switch controls the shutter independent of OH then I don’t see how OH could prevent this. However, if the button sends a signal to OH and that signal is used for control then yes a rule or two can be used.

If the button has independent control maybe contact the manufacturer to see if there is a way it can be disabled. If not and your a DIY person look into a way of disconnecting the button yourself. If the wires can be hidden you might be able to relocate the button to a higher/hidden location.:shushing_face:

Best of luck