Hello, I would like to know in which cases a node is marked as DEAD/FAILED?
Quotes from docu:

DEAD - A device is considered DEAD if it does not respond to a message three times.

If I understand correctly this functionality should use incrementResendCount() method in ZWaveNode class. But the problem is that the method is never called.

The second thing I would like to mention is that in IsFailedNodeMessageClass class node is never marked as FAILED due to commented line 57

Hi, I have put your post in the Development/Add-ons category as it is a reference to the binding code.
I have also added ZWave to the title

I would recommend creating an issue on gitHub instead, though.

I have already created github issue, but I was sent here…

I am tagging @chris the developer who posts here frequently.

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Github is to raise bugs and problems - support questions about how things work really should be discussed on the community forum.

I think you have answered this -:

A DEAD device may then be marked as FAILED, but if I remember correctly this may have been removed as it caused a problem. At the end of the day there is little difference between DEAD and FAILED - DEAD is an internal binding state, FAILED is managed by the controller. The binding should treat both states the same way.

The only functional difference should be that a device can only be removed from the controller if the controller thinks the device has failed.