Dead node and other nodes not found

Hi Everyone! I was having an issue with a dead node with my z wave setup that happened after the power flickered a few times. From what I understand, even though it was reporting DEAD in the log, that was only an indication that the z wave controller could not communicate with the bulbs. In the process of attempting to fix this one node, I ended up messing up the other two lights that were working in part due to me attempting to restore to a previous image that I backed up before I implemented the z wave and bulbs. Maybe that was not the smartest option but I did another backup of the pi’s image beforehand. I though that if I started from scratch again I would have a better chance of succeeding…

My Setup:
I used the Raspberry Pi install option (OpenHABianPI)
USB Controller: Homeseer Smartstick+ (z wave plus)
Other Nodes (x3): GoControl LB60Z-1

Well, I stumbled upon the following thread. Troubleshooting guide for what to do in case of a dead node

I attempted to heal the network, based upon the Z-wave things setting it to the closest hour and then wait it out.
Next up, I did a hard reset within PaperUI (Configuration->Things->Edit->Advance->Hard Reset Controller)
Then I reset the lightbulbs (GoControl)
Restarted the Pi

Nothing happened and it was still reporting node two as dead and not showing the other two bulbs. I then removed the z wave controller thing and then the binding. I restarted the service (not the pi this time) and then reinstalled both.

It still reports that Node 2 is DEAD and when it appears in the inbox it is an unknown device. The z wave controller cannot locate the other two bulbs either.

Does anyone have any input on other concepts to try? Do I need to perhaps send back the USB stick and lights because the are ruined? (Far fetched but maybe?)

The Heal function is currently broken in the zwave binding, according to another thread. The fix is supposedly soon going to be merged so look for a new snapshot build soon to reenable heal.

When I have a dead node I just reinclude the device into the network. It will change nodes but that isn’t that big of a deal.

Then I try to delete the node using Habmin. If the Node is marked dead by the controller Habmin will be ablet o delete it. It really isn’t that big of a deal if you leave the dead node there, though it will generate a lot of error logs if you do.

I’ve no idea what you should do from here. I would factory reset the controller if able and start over. If not I’d at least try to reinclude the devices as new nodes.

Thanks for information about the heal functionality not working currently!

I have been attempting to included the nodes again. I reset the light bulb and then attempt to rediscover it. However, it never is displayed. I am attempting to install HABmin via UI, and the debug log shows that it was installed. When I attempt to go there, nothing loads.

I reset the controller and am starting again. I did not have much set up on this, so I have grabbed the lastest image of openHABian I was hoping for an easier method due to other configurations that I set up on the pi but it is a great learning experience.

Thanks for your help!!