Debug AmazonEchoControl

It is with great attention that I study the operation of your Binding, the library of Apollon77 and the work of Alex (amazon-alexa-hort-auf-die-shell-echo). thank you all!

I develop the Alexa-API plugin on Jeedom.
You have managed to implement some functions that I am trying to implement.

I have an Openhabian on Raspberry that allows me to do tests. I added Frontail to have the Log Viewer.
I put the logs on Debug mode to get the most information.
But the debug does not give the frame that is sent to the server

For example a simple command “Pause” gives in the logviewer:

{POST /api/np/command?deviceSerialNumber=GG&deviceType=A3S5BH2HU6VAYF HTTP/1.1: null}
{Accept-Language: en-US}
User-Agent: AmazonWebView/Amazon Alexa/2.2.223830.0/iOS/11.4.1/iPhone}
{Accept-Encoding: gzip}{DNT: 1}{Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1}{csrf: 1311232764}
{Cookie: session-id-time=2200492345l;session-id=258-5428775-8931641;ubid-acbfr=261-8660624-6249965;x-acbfr="UnWvclteMIe3hKicg7QI1@XX";at-acbfr="XXD";sess-at-acbfr="XX=";csrf=1311232764}
{Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8}
{Expect: 100-continue}
{Accept: text/html, image/gif, image/jpeg, *; q=.2, */*; q=.2}
{Connection: keep-alive}
{Content-Length: 22}

But I can not find the command: “PauseCommand” which must still be sent but I do not see where.
To understand the operation, I need to see these commands, where are they? She is not in the same POST command?

Thank you if you can tell me more about it.

Hi Jeedom,

if you set the log level to Debug and if you use my latest debug version , you should see the request in the logs. You can also take a look in my code: or my json definitions:

If you are interested, the developers of the Javascript, the ioBroker Adapter and I exchange our news in a WhatsApp group, the current communication language there is german, but if you ask something in english, it should not be a problem. So, if you want join, I would need your mobile phone number.
We are using the Charles Proxy to get the traffic between the App and the amazon server. The test version is enough, it only shows a hint message and will run only for 30 minutes. But this should be enough.


Hi Michi !!!

A very big thank you for your very nice message.

I installed the latest version, in the console, the command bundle: list | grep Amazon gives me:
216 | Active | 80 | | openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: Amazon Echo Control Binding
I wanted to study the “announcement on all devices in a group” feature but it’s not on the Amazon Echo Whole House Audio Control (WHA) groups

In debug mode, I can not find the details of the frames that are sent to the server, however, I think I have searched with the logViewer. In my previous post, I took the example of the word “PauseCommand” that I can not find when I think it is sent.

It’s very nice for the invitation on the WhatsApp group but I will not follow, my German and my English are not good. (the fault of manufacture of the French).

I would just like to see the debugging stuff, that would allow me to understand what is sent to Amazon.

Please check if you see your orders to the amazon server.