Debugging with OH2.4 on Synology and Visual Studio Code?

Dear community,

my openhab 2.4 is running smoothly on a Synology DS218. I also defined items and wrote the first rules successfully with Visual Studio Code. But this is a very big try-and-error, since I really don‘t understand how to create and track a debug file… The documentation for me is somehow like „Bohemian villages“ :wink: My simple questions:
-How can I write a text (e.g. „entered if-section A in rule B; variable DATETIME=xxx“) to track my rules?
-And how can I read this output (e.g. there‘s an output window in VSC whichI maybe could use???..)

openHAB 2.4 running on
Synology Diskstation 218
Mac Mini with OSX Catalina and Visual Studio Code

Thank you for your proposals in advance,
Doc MC

P.S. Posting a related topic, I encountered, that my Synology is not capable to run frontail…

It’s written to a file named openhab.log. I don’t know the method that openHAB get’s intsalled on Synology but I would guess that file is located at <where ever openHAB's root folder exists>/userdata/logs.

You will need to ssh to the Synology and tail -f that file to watch it in real time.

Dear Rich,

thank you for the answer. I’ve already checked the loggin section in the documentation, but can’t apply it somehow… What I did:

1.) I’ve written a testrule which should write every 5s a message. To be “safe” I used the command “logInfo” and “logDebug”. (This rule is included in a rule-file with other rules. Since the other rules are working correctly, the file itself seems to be OK.)

rule "Logger test"


Time cron "0/5 * * * * ?"


logInfo ("events.log", "Test2")

logDebug("events.log", "message")


2.) Checking the directory /volume1/public/openHAB/userdata/logs/ of my openhab log files in the Synology, I see the standard log-files “events.log.x” and “openhab.log.x”.

3.) Checking the file “events.log” with “tail -f” , I see that this logger is running (e.g. notes from the Surveillance station are added"… but I don’t see any entries like “Test” or “message” which should appear every 5s.

Any hint what is wrong… or what I have forgotten?

Best regards and thank you in advance,
Doc MC

It’s written to a file named openhab.log


Thank you, Rich, I found it. Now I can speed up with programming rules. And BTW, you should receive the batch “hero of openHAB”, since your tutorials (e.g. Design pattern of Day) are really great and helpful! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Doc MC.

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