Decentral ventilation with heat recovery

I am locking for an decentral ventilation with heat recovery which I could include in my openhab system.
So far I could not find any.
Does any know such a product for which a openhab binding exists?

I don’t know about decentral ventilation systems, but I can imagine there are a bunch which either can get controlled via WiFi or infrared/440GHz remote control.

  1. find your device, that fits your need (e.g. is sufficiently efficient, is not noisy, …)
  2. look for alternatives
  3. THEN have a look on how it is possible to integrate them into OH and compare alternatives to integration-abilty! :wink:

Hint: also have a look on github, if there’s already some script or programm you can use to communicate with your device. If there’s one, you can surely address it from within OH

Almost all have a remote control and I found one WiFi controlled. How can I integrate them in OH?
Is there a possibility to send commands to a remote or the Wifi app without a binding?

There are three possibilites:

  1. the device itself offers an Web-API
  2. someone reverse engineered the used transmission and protocol and you can “hack into” the communication
  3. you “learn” the remote control (IR, 440GHz, …) and then automate IR-hardware or 440GHz hardware with OH

for 1. the manufacturer leaves the API documented somewhere in their documentation
for 2. you’ll have to look for some code on github as I recommended. The usage of the code can be automated by openHAB (via exec-binding oder mqtt or what the code offers as input)
for 3. find the remote technology and google-search on “automation” on the device/the technology

If you mean local communication without needing a cloud connection? LTR-5 Z | Enervent with eAir panel comes with modbus over tcp via ethernet connection. Probably other models as well.

Detailed docs over all modbus registers available.

I have this integrated with openhab in my house.