Deconz and multi-Sensors


I’d install the Multisensor Aqara WSDCGQ11LM Temperature Humidity Sensor like
in the deconz app successfull. In the app the value of the temperature, humidity, pressure and battery is correct.
In Openhab the bridge and the 2 temperature sensors are online as things. The value of the temperature in the items are x10 (4°C-> 400°C), but the things of the other sensors are not visible. There is also no (known) error thrown.

My thing-config :
Bridge deconz:deconz:homeserver [ host=“”, apikey=“1234567” ] {
temperaturesensor temperatur1 “Temperatur1” [ id=“2” ]
temperaturesensor temperatur2 “Temperatur2” [ id=“5” ]
humiditysensor feuchte1 “Humidity1” [ id=“3” ]
pressuresensor luftdruck2 “Pressure2” [ id=“7” ]

the items:
Number:Temperature Temperatur4ZB1 “Temperatur 1 [%.1f °C]” { channel=“deconz:temperaturesensor:homeserver:temperatur1:temperature” }
Number:Temperature Temperatur4ZB2 “Temperatur 2 [%.1f °C]” { channel=“deconz:temperaturesensor:homeserver:temperatur2:temperature” }
Number:Dimensionless Feuchte4ZB1 “Feuchte 1 [%.1f %%]” { channel=“deconz:humiditysensor:homeserver:feuchte1:humidity” }
Number:Pressure Luftdruck4ZB2 “Luftdruck 2 [%.1f hPa]” { channel=“deconz:pressuresensor:homeserver:luftdruck2:pressure” }

The number of the id’s of the temperature sensors I’d get from the deconz-webapp and the pressure and humidity from the deconz-App.
The Questions:

  • supports the current deconz-binding multi-Sensors?
    if yes:
  • why the humidity and pressure not online and
  • where I can find the ID’s of the other sensors?


  • Platform information:
  • Hardware: Raspi 3 (1 Raspi for OH, 1 Raspi for deConz)
  • OS: Debian 9
  • openHAB version: 2.4

I think that got fixed for OH2.5M1. A lot of sensors got added as well. You might try that out first. Although OH 2.4 is only 2 months old, it is already quite old :smiley:


Hello David,

thanks for the reply.
So I’ll try the update in the next days…

:slight_smile: Jens