Deconz and ZLinky

I tried to use my ZLinky_TIC (a zigbee device to get electrical measurement in France) with OpenHAB. Deconz has been recently updated to have two states in the same sensor to get the power consumption (Heures Pleines and Heures Creuses). Using Phoscon, I can see the two states (consumption and consumption_2).

However, when I created a new Thing, there is only one Consumption channel and thus I cannot get the two values. Only one is reported. The Thing code is the following:

UID: deconz:consumptionsensor:9ce9a18f45:00158d0005d2a0d0010702
label: ZLinky_TIC-Conso
thingTypeUID: deconz:consumptionsensor
  lastSeenPolling: 1440
  id: "29"
bridgeUID: deconz:deconz:9ce9a18f45

Is there a way to be able to get the second value ?

Thanks in advance

Not with the openHAB version of the deconz binding. It requires code changes to support a second, dynamically added consumption channel.

Thanks for the reply. I found a workaround to create a second sensor to report the second value to OpenHAB. So I can wait for a future version of the binding that can manage several states within a single sensor.